Instantly trade submit page links with all of the sites listed in the table below!

Its simple and easy to do plus you will instantly be added to every FUTURE participant too!

lets make this quick and easy - nothing fancy but a couple of things you need to know:

There are no rules per se but if the requirements for listing on your site are similar to everyone else's then it will prolly work better

site name: the name of your site not the url (ie LinkAlotaPuss not capitalize it and make it look pretty :)
warning page: is the url for the warning page of your site that surfers see
Recip page: is the url for the submit or rules page of your site and must have the following html on it somewhere

You can edit any of the table tag to make it fit your site but keep the java intact the way it is now

 If you submit your linklist, don't remove the table!
We only review about once a month so keep the faith - if you submit it and its a regular linklist odds are it will be listed


This is the current table:

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