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Wanna trade links?

If you have a Link List and wanna do category link trades, or any other trades for that matter
read on...

Trade Index page links Trade Submit page links Trade Category page links
If you would like to do all the above simply follow all the instructions except for the individual emails for each - instead email us through this link and give us all the pertinent info all at once

[email protected]

Index Page Trades
On our index page there is a list of "Friends of" if you would like to be on that list please put the following reciprocal link on your index page then e-mail us, and your site will be added.  If you want, you can change the font, size and color however you like but leave the title and href as they are. If you want to change the actual text of the link that's fine too but include what's there as it is now - we are trying to brand the name as much as possible.

Category Page Trades
Just cut and paste the appropriate code for each of your category pages.  If ya wanna change the size, font, or color go ahead but please don't change anything in the anchor tag including the href or the title of the link.  We would prefer you not change any of the actual text of the link either but its not mandatory.

Once you are done, just submit your individual pages to the corresponding category under the subcategory linklists in the regular submit page.  Don't worry about the linkback field or a description as they are not needed for category linklist trades.  Feel free to submit multiple pages to categories if we do not have the exact same categories you do, for instance if you have a hardcore and an oral category put the hardcore link on both and submit them both to us in the hardcore category.  If and when we add that category to our database we will move the link over for you and email you to request you change the link to the new category.

if you would like a
Very Cool! notation next to your link and have all your link pages on the Whats Hot page then all you have to do is put a link in your webmaster area to the EZ Link Trade system.  we would appreciate you offering a better link to those who use it, but just a link to it will get you the Very Cool! listing.  Please let us know you have done this in the comments field when submitting your category pages.

Should look something like this:
XXX Amateur Links @
XXX Asian Links @
XXX BBW Links @
XXX BDSM Links @
XXX Ethnic Links @
XXX Fetish Links @
XXX Gay Links @
XXX GroupSex Links @
XXX Hardcore Links @
XXX Lesbian Links @
XXX Mature Links @
XXX Softcore Links @
XXX Teen Links @
XXX Toon Links @
XXX Voyeur Links @